Friday, 26 July 2013


Hi bloggie friends, I have finally got my laptop back from the team who were fixing my laptop.

It came back as good as, if not better than it was when it went away.  WOOHOO

I am now trying to get everything sorted on the laptop, software that hasn't been downloaded etc. Everything (software) was deleted in order for them to take it all back to factory settings, at least I had a hard drive which I was able to give them and where they saved all of my documents, files, folders and pictures onto.  So that was a blessing.

My only problem is, trying to remember all of the software that I had on my laptop.  I never even thought of taking a list of software before I sent the laptop away to get fixed.  Silly woman.

I know that I have to download everything for my printer, I have Java to install, Serif, there are quite a few other things which I will have to try and remember.

If anyone has any other ideas of things that I should have, which I may have forgotten about, do you think you could leave me a message and tell me. lol

I have made a couple of little cards which I will post tomorrow as the light isn't very great now, so I will take the pictures tomorrow just to let you see.

I will be back soon to post what I need to, so I will see you all again soon.

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