Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Blue Haired Stella

This is just a quick post this morning as I am going out to enjoy the sun, which we don't have very often.  So I am going to say, I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun, if you have any.

This card was created by Carol Smith and you can find her on Craftsuprint, where she has absolutely loads of Stella images that you can purchase. 
This Stella image is numbered CUP 429731_1209.  This is the number that you need to use in order to purchase this image/decoupage.  You can add any embellishment that you like, or you can just leave it as it is.  I like to add a couple of things to the card, just to make it a little more interesting.

I hope that you enjoyed my little quick card this morning.

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Desire Fourie said...

Jen I just love this one with a lovely touch of humour.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}