Monday, 10 February 2014

Sorry everyone

Apologies for being MIA again, I took very seriously ill and had to be taken into hospital with serious symptoms.  However, there is an extremely long story attached of which I do not want to go into, but suffice to say, I am at home waiting on an emergency appointment to see the neurologist for various tests to be carried out to discover what has happened to me.
I am unable to walk, my vision is badly affected, I have constant dizziness, I am sick all the time, the headaches I have are excrutiating, the pain that I have in my legs are too painful to describe.

At the moment I am unable to do any sort of crafting, but I hope that I will be able at some point in the future to come back and fill my blog with what I used to love the most.  For the time being, I am afraid my pages are not going to have much on them as I cannot see very well when I am typing as my eyes are not doing too well, so I will sign off for now and I hope to be able to sign back on very soon and speak to you all again soon.

I hope that you all keep crafting away and I hope to be able to keep trying to look on your pages as often as I can.