Saturday 2 June 2018

Absolutely no excuses!

Hi everyone, I'm sorry my blog has been lacking in posts, absolute no excuses.  I just haven't found the time to do it.  Anyway, onto the cards, there is a mixed bag of cards.

Baby Boy Christening card (front and back)

Tea-light card (instructions from Christina at Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls)
First time I have tried it.

Get Well Soon card

The card says it all

New Home card

Another, where the card says it all

Heart card with acetate and ribbon

Decoupage card from Craftsuprint

Happy 70th Birthday

New Job

Happy Birthday

Please excuse my photographic skills, I really need to find out what to do in order to get a lovely picture.  I will look into this.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my cards.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Hi everyone

I can't believe I have not posted anything since May of this year,  I have been making cards again so I really have no excuse.
So before I end up talking lots of nonsense, I am just going to start posting some of the cards that I have made over the past while.
My photographic skills are still not up to much, but I will try and sort this.

This is a Craftsuprint design, which I really enjoyed making.  The cup number is 465236_359

Friday 5 May 2017

New cards

Another few cards that I have made over the past few days, I hope that you enjoy them.  All comments will be gratefully received.


7 x 7 card, layered with one piece of card which was embossed with hearts.  I used the Banner Parade die from Memory Box.  I cut out the flag banner and then I cut out the letters from Die-Versions 'A Hint of Lime' font.  I then attached the swirls die underneath the banners and attached a couple of stars and hearts.
I then finished off the card with pink, blue and lemon ribbon and pearls at each of the corners.

This is the very first Sympathy card that I have done, it was someone who asked me to 'make her a few, as she didn't know when she would need one', each to their own I suppose.
I layered the card with black and cream card, I used Noble Dies - Double Pierced Rectangles - Set B, by Sue Wilson to create the cream and black frames.  I used the 6th and 7th smallest die and the insert from the 5th smallest die so that I could put the flower on the top.  
The flower was from Die-namics (My Favourite Things)

The Easter Cards were made using a variety of different dies Happy Easter Egg by Memory Box, I also used the decorative stand from the Faberge Eggs.  I only attached a piece of ribbon and 2 flowers at the side of the card.

Happy Easter die, decorative stand a couple of roses and some pearls.

I just used a square die that I had in my box, don't know what it is called (i'm sorry), Happy Easter words and two flourishes in the corners along with some pearls.

Happy Easter die, with embossed card, pearls, butterfly, ribbon and roses.

Faberge egg and decorative stand, blue ribbon, flourish in corner, Happy Easter die used and 2 flowers.

Anya Faberge egg used decorative stand, flourish in top corner, butterfly, flowers, pearls and Happy Easter die.

I have a few other cards, which I will try and post later on today.  

I hope that you enjoy my cards.

Saturday 29 April 2017

New cards

Hiya everyone

Here are a few more cards that I have only recently made, I do hope that you like them.

7 x7 white card.  I die cut Creative Expenssions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson - Elephant, Giraffe and Lion and some of the Signature Collection dies by Sara Davies - Rattle, Dummy and Bottle.

6 x 6 card, I cut out dies by Sue Wilson - Elephant, Giraffe, Lion and Pitter Patter on the top left hand corner.  

DL card - used dark purple and light purple and cut out dies to decorate the bunting.  The dies used were from Die-Versions - A Hint of Lime font.

This card was created by using the free gift that I got from one of my magazines.  I only used 'Happy Birthday' and 2 of the roses from the die.  The heart shaped die along the bottom was another free gift.

Another 6 x 6 card, another die by Sue Wilson - New Arrival, Stork and Baby.  The Pitter Patter and the Elephant were from Sue Wilson - Stuffed Animals.

I hope you like the other new cards that I have created, hopefully there will be some more in the next few days.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday 27 April 2017

New cards

Hi everyone

I have finally returned after a couple of weeks away, I have been busy making some new cards and making a lot of mistakes as well.  It's so good to be crafting again.
I knew this would happen, so it is just as well I have the patience of a saint.

I hope you like what I have made up until now.

This was a working Candy Machine card that I made for my 2 adopted grandchildren.  I used the Working Candy Machine die from Sue Wilson, once I got over the initial mistakes it was a relatively easy 'card' to put together.  Well worth it for the children.

This was a little card that I made for my son on his birthday.  I cut out the Jungle Friends, coloured them in and attached them to my card with sticky fixers, so that I could make them different levels.
Even though my son was 28, he really appreciated the card as he knows what I am like.

6 x 6 card, embossed with Clouds and a die which I can't remember the name of as I have had it so long.  I used the Chrysanthemum die from Sue Wilson, which is lovely, just a pity I couldn't show it off to its full potential.  Once the card goes into an envelope it squashes the petals down.

6 x 6 card, embossed with Flowers, I die cut a circle from the middle of the card.  I used a die which I had got free from one of my magazines.  It was a complete die with Happy Birthday and the flowers and bird attached.  I separated the flowers and bird from the Happy Birthday so that I was able to put them in different places on the card.

Another 6 x 6 card, I used a border die to cut out the side of the card, I then used pink card to have as the inside of the card.  I cut out three pieces of card, two for the pink and yellow and the other one was used to put the Happy Birthday die onto.  I then embellished it with some flowers at the side.

A 7 x7 card, silver mirri card used, then white card.  I then cut out another 3 pieces of card, two for the silver and white and another one to put the Happy Birthday die onto.  I also used the Chrysanthemum die again.  

I'm not too good at describing how I  have made my cards, this is something that I am going to have to learn. lol

I hope that you like my first set of cards that I have made and hopefully there will be many more soon.

I can't remember if I had said before, but my Zip Slide is this Sunday at 10.30am, I am sort of looking forward to it, I will just have to try and put the fear of heights behind me.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Hi everyone, I have once again taken up my cardmaking after a few years of not being able to do much.
My skills and creativity are a bit rusty, so I am going to have to keep at it and take advice from everyone.
I have made a few Easter cards to give out to some friends, I only hope they will forgive my mistakes.
Just before I show you my cards, I thought I would let you know that I am doing a Zip Slide at the end of April for MS, as I am feeling a bit better than I was.
I made a few changes in my life with regards to MS, I came off the majority of medication that I was on as it really wasn't doing me any good at all.
So, after being on 26 pills in the morning the same in the afternoon and evening, I now only take 6 in the morning and 4 in the evening.  I still have some big issues, but I tend to deal with them 'mind over matter', so I am now no longer consumed with MS which is great.

So on that note, I will now post my cards.

As you can see, I obviously have to get my camera skills up to speed again, as these pics are not really very good, I can admit to my shortcomings though.

Hopefully, by the next time I post some pics online I will have everything sorted as far as taking a picture is concerned.

I will try and include an explanation of how I made my cards next time.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Craft sale on Ebay

Hi everyone, I am sorry once again I have not been online for so long now, but I have been really unwell and have not been crafting for such a long time now.
I don't think I will be going back to my card making in the way that I used to, so I am selling the majority of my things online on Ebay on here if you want to get in touch with me, I will let you know what I am selling.
My name on Ebay is jennifercardmaker12, (this should take you to the direct page link for what is selling at the moment - hopefully) at the moment I have a job lot of over 200 stamps and 80 stamp pads and a Big Shot and a Hot Fix plus applicators.  If these are something that you are interested in, please go online to Ebay and have a look first to see where the bids are at.
I will also be selling all sorts of papers, ice resin you name it, it is all going.
The only things that aren't going is my ebosser and my dies, I am not selling those at the moment.

If I decide in the future to start making cards again, I hope that I can count on you for your support that I have had, as you have been wonderful friends and supporters.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

A little mention from Free Craft Downloads

Hi everyone,I just thought I would pop in and say hello to you all.  

I know that I have been missing in action for quite a very long time now, but I have been very unwell for a long time now.  Unfortunately, this MS has really got a hold of me and is not letting go and really is getting a grip, I am now in the throes of a real progression which I am not liking one little bit.  I am finding myself discovering that I am becoming numb in various parts of my body which I am not liking at all.  Even after speaking to my doctor, who is an absolute star, she has told me that there is nothing that can be done and that I am just (unfortunately) going to live with what I have got somehow.
So, anyway, I am back, I don't know for how long.  I will pop in and out and try my best and keep throwing things in.  I know that some people have been coming in and visiting me and I must thank you for that, you know who you are.  You are true friends.

I am putting some things in from Free Craft Downloads, they have some really great things going on over on their site, I don't know if any of you have made a visit over there of late, but you really should go and have a look as you don't know what you are missing.  They have only just recently started putting on their site full card kits for you to print out as complete cards for Christmas and other festivities, so why not go and have a look.

This is only a sample of one of the cards that you can print out from Free Craft Downloads, I have also put in a link (below) where you can go and see how you can do it from start to finish.  
As always, everything is very easy to do when you go to Free Craft Downloads, so go on over and start making it a regular visit.
I hope to start making cards again real soon as I am fed up sitting about doing nothing, but I will have to go and visit my craft shop for some card as believe it or not I actually do not have any card to make some actual cards with.
So hopefully, over the next few weeks, I will try and make the first of a couple cards and get them posted on my little blog which I have so badly neglected. (hopefully - fingers crossed)

This is where you will find their full page of instructions to make up the card from Free Craft Downloads 

Again, thank you so much to the people who have kept in contact with me over the past few months you really have been so very kind to me and have made me feel wanted, I really am so very grateful.  
As I have said previously, you know who you are.