Saturday, 29 April 2017

New cards

Hiya everyone

Here are a few more cards that I have only recently made, I do hope that you like them.

7 x7 white card.  I die cut Creative Expenssions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson - Elephant, Giraffe and Lion and some of the Signature Collection dies by Sara Davies - Rattle, Dummy and Bottle.

6 x 6 card, I cut out dies by Sue Wilson - Elephant, Giraffe, Lion and Pitter Patter on the top left hand corner.  

DL card - used dark purple and light purple and cut out dies to decorate the bunting.  The dies used were from Die-Versions - A Hint of Lime font.

This card was created by using the free gift that I got from one of my magazines.  I only used 'Happy Birthday' and 2 of the roses from the die.  The heart shaped die along the bottom was another free gift.

Another 6 x 6 card, another die by Sue Wilson - New Arrival, Stork and Baby.  The Pitter Patter and the Elephant were from Sue Wilson - Stuffed Animals.

I hope you like the other new cards that I have created, hopefully there will be some more in the next few days.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

New cards

Hi everyone

I have finally returned after a couple of weeks away, I have been busy making some new cards and making a lot of mistakes as well.  It's so good to be crafting again.
I knew this would happen, so it is just as well I have the patience of a saint.

I hope you like what I have made up until now.

This was a working Candy Machine card that I made for my 2 adopted grandchildren.  I used the Working Candy Machine die from Sue Wilson, once I got over the initial mistakes it was a relatively easy 'card' to put together.  Well worth it for the children.

This was a little card that I made for my son on his birthday.  I cut out the Jungle Friends, coloured them in and attached them to my card with sticky fixers, so that I could make them different levels.
Even though my son was 28, he really appreciated the card as he knows what I am like.

6 x 6 card, embossed with Clouds and a die which I can't remember the name of as I have had it so long.  I used the Chrysanthemum die from Sue Wilson, which is lovely, just a pity I couldn't show it off to its full potential.  Once the card goes into an envelope it squashes the petals down.

6 x 6 card, embossed with Flowers, I die cut a circle from the middle of the card.  I used a die which I had got free from one of my magazines.  It was a complete die with Happy Birthday and the flowers and bird attached.  I separated the flowers and bird from the Happy Birthday so that I was able to put them in different places on the card.

Another 6 x 6 card, I used a border die to cut out the side of the card, I then used pink card to have as the inside of the card.  I cut out three pieces of card, two for the pink and yellow and the other one was used to put the Happy Birthday die onto.  I then embellished it with some flowers at the side.

A 7 x7 card, silver mirri card used, then white card.  I then cut out another 3 pieces of card, two for the silver and white and another one to put the Happy Birthday die onto.  I also used the Chrysanthemum die again.  

I'm not too good at describing how I  have made my cards, this is something that I am going to have to learn. lol

I hope that you like my first set of cards that I have made and hopefully there will be many more soon.

I can't remember if I had said before, but my Zip Slide is this Sunday at 10.30am, I am sort of looking forward to it, I will just have to try and put the fear of heights behind me.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hi everyone, I have once again taken up my cardmaking after a few years of not being able to do much.
My skills and creativity are a bit rusty, so I am going to have to keep at it and take advice from everyone.
I have made a few Easter cards to give out to some friends, I only hope they will forgive my mistakes.
Just before I show you my cards, I thought I would let you know that I am doing a Zip Slide at the end of April for MS, as I am feeling a bit better than I was.
I made a few changes in my life with regards to MS, I came off the majority of medication that I was on as it really wasn't doing me any good at all.
So, after being on 26 pills in the morning the same in the afternoon and evening, I now only take 6 in the morning and 4 in the evening.  I still have some big issues, but I tend to deal with them 'mind over matter', so I am now no longer consumed with MS which is great.

So on that note, I will now post my cards.

As you can see, I obviously have to get my camera skills up to speed again, as these pics are not really very good, I can admit to my shortcomings though.

Hopefully, by the next time I post some pics online I will have everything sorted as far as taking a picture is concerned.

I will try and include an explanation of how I made my cards next time.