About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!

 My name is Jennifer but most of my friends call me Jen. I have  been crafting since November 2011 so I still consider myself a bit of a novice as far as crafting goes, I am still trying to find my niche in the crafting world and love to try out new techniques and enjoy tutorials!

A big passion of mine is making 3D projects, it all started with a carousel I made my mum, she loved it which encourage me to take it further. I now sell cards for any occasion and make wedding favors!

I  have an amazing son who will be 24 in April and he really is my pride and joy. Four years ago I was diagnosed as having PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) which presents daily challenges, it has set me back however I refuse to let it rule my life although I have come to learn my limitations. I love to support anyone who has this disablility or is new to it.  I am a very patient person and I love meeting new people, my friends have often said that I can talk for Scotland and if there was a competition for talking I would win it, lol
Welcome to my  blog and if you have any questions about my projects or cards don't hestitate to ask me, just use the comment box below.

Happy Crafting!


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Hello Jen. Love the new look of the blog. Another lady that faces daily challenges with her health but doesn't let it rule her life. My kind of gal!

Wishing you tons of success!

Lisa D.

Alisa said...

Hello Jan
I too have a disease that is quite a challenge and it makes it hard to complete my creations.It is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I is when your nerves are out of control and they tell you you have more and more pain. Good for you that you keep going. I do too and always feel better when I get things done. I one post I saw you like 3D and I just love making things in paper clay and anything I can thing. But I adore crochet and many other crafts. I just had to write and give you a thumbs up. Alisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I stumbled across your blog whilst browsing Cardmakingmagic's page. Remember me from the WRVS? I'm really pleased to see that crafting has given you a new outlook on life. You seem to be doing really well at it. In fact, you are doing much better than me, I wouldn't have a clue how to set up a blog page!!!! LOL! I hope your are keeping well at the moment. Your cards are really nice, well done you! Alice xx

Unknown said...

Of course I remember you Alice, we spoke plenty of times. I don't even know whether or not you will see this message which is a shame as it would nice to get in contact with you again. I still have the little card that you gave me, it is in amongst my stash. lol I hope everything is going ok with you. Take care. Jen xx
Krafty Keepsakes

Patricia said...

Good morning Jen, loving your new Blog really great.
Hope today is a good day for you, I love that I can read your positive attitude in every word you have written.
Where in Scotland do you live??? I am in Perthshire, my sister Hazel (hazelsbasketsofjoy) is just outside St Andrews so we are close, both in distance, also in our relationship.
Have a wonderful day

Patricia xx

Rita said...

Hello Jen. I'm paying you a visit after reading about you on John Next Door. Hope you are coping as it cannot be easy for you either. Your cards are stunning and I had a good giggle at the Glesga New Year Poem. Looking forward to seeing more of your cards. Hugs Rita xxx

Atlanterhavsveien Fotoklubb said...


Such amazing cards you make!!

Is there any chance that you would make a Baby Boy 3D Keepsake card for me? (I'll pay!!) - and it had to be a Baby Girl.... ;)

Hope to hear from you!

;) Anita

Unknown said...

Hi Anita, I have tried to contact you, but unfortunately have been unable to do so. So hopefully you will read this page again and you could contact me again via my email jenniferswandells@hotmail.co.uk where we can discuss the card etc and other things.
I do hope that you see this message as I don't want you to think that I have ignored you.
Kind regards
Jen x