Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bronze Lady

Good afternoon everyone, I bet everyone thought I had gone for good, well no, sorry I am back.

I have just recently got my laptop back, and there were more problems after having got it back and it is has been nothing short of a nightmare trying to get things sorted out the way I wanted them to.

I still have a few things that have to be sorted, although I think I am getting there now, hopefully.  Well, my weekend has been spent trying to download copious amounts of software and I know that I still have a lot to do with the laptop.  I am hoping that I will be able to start uploading a couple of the cards that I have been trying to get finished and that it will not cause me any problems.

A slight problem that I have is the fact that I don't know how to put my watermark on to my pics, I am using Serif PhotoPlus to try and edit my cards, but since I haven't used this before this is another learning curve that I am trying to get through.  So if anyone knows how to add my watermark, could you please let me know. (if you are using PhotoPlus software).

Also, if anyone knows of any other software that is easy to use to edit pics etc, I would be grateful if you could let me know please.

I have to apologise for the photographs, as they really aren't very good, I could probably have done better, but with the hassles I have been having with the laptop I am afraid that my concentration was not on photographing.  So sorry for this.

The first card that I have finished is a 'Bronze/Gold Beauty', I matted the card with gold coloured card and then a gold coloured mirri card.  On top of that I decoupaged a rather slinky looking female and used Cosmic Shimmer - Glitter Jewels - Icicle Sparkles to put some sparkle into her.  
My sentiment was from a magazine that I subscribe to 'Hope this Special Day is filled with Sunshine'.  I didn't add any further embellishment onto this card as I felt that the Icicle Sparkle did it justice.  I hope that you are able to see the sparkle on her headband, roses and bracelets.  The decoupage lady was from one of my magazines and I thought she was lovely to create as a card.

I do hope that you like my card as much as I enjoyed doing it.


Bipasha K. said...

Wowww!Amazingly lovely...

Wendy L said...

Another lovely card Jennifer
I use Picasa 3. xxx

Rosy Newlun said...

She is GORGEOUS!!!! Wow!
As for an editing program and to add a watermark, lots of people use Picmonkey. It's free. I keep forgetting to add the watermark. They need to make it a 'one click' or automatic process for me :D