Friday, 2 August 2013

New Envelobox

Hi everyone

Apart from trying to get my laptop sorted out, (which is driving me barmy) I have also been trying to get some things finished as I am running out of time to get these cards and enveloboxes finished.

I have already finished the Baby Girl card which was posted a couple of days ago.  Here is the envelobox that I have finished for this card.  I had measured everything out to accommodate the width and depth of the card, (or so I had thought).  Last night I went to put the card into the box and realised that there is a 1/2 of a difference to make the card fit into the box.   AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!  So it means that today, I am going to have to go and buy 12 x 12 card in order to get the boxes sized properly, as A4 is just not going to be big enough.

So what I have done for the box is to cut off the front of the box and once I get the correct size of card, I will renew the back of the box and that should be sorted.  I then have to complete the Baby Boy card (which is the same as the Baby Girl card) and the box.  Hopefully, these will be completed today.

So onto the box, I cut out an oval shape from the front of the box using Spellbinders Opulent Ovals and then put various roses around the side of the oval.  I then attached 3 pink ferns with 'stringy' pearls on the left hand side.  I also attached a lovely piece of bling at the top of the box and finished it off with a large double white bow with a large dazzler on top.

I do hope that you like my envelobox, even though it isn't completely finished yet.


Wendy L said...

I think it looks gorgeous, xxxx

Wendy L said...

Your idea is great for my quest, I never thought of pyramgeing them, If you would like some bead pins or crochet flowers let me know your address and I will send whichever you prefer. xxxxx

Unknown said...

Stunning card ,sorry about your box not fitting,that would do your head in.

Crafting With Jack said...

This is very pretty.

NanaConnie said...

WOW, Jen! Magnificent. Love the pearls. I've never thought to use those on a card (or a card box) but I'm definitely going to start. Thanks for the inspiration. :-D

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Jen this is absolutely beautiful, the flower display and colours look awesome.
lorraine x