Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I found a New Interesting page

Hi everyone, I have just been trawling the internet, in between making cards and watching the Scotland v England football match.  I am not an avid football fanatic, but I am Scottish so I just had to put it on to see if they were going to score.  As I am typing this, they have scored again, so that is 2 - 1 to Scotland.  What a surprise.  It is now 2 - 2.

While I was popping in and out of pages, I came across a site called CraftGawker, very similar to Pinterest, but with a difference (I think lol).  I am not very good on the internet, and if there is a way to get to something that I like on Pinterest, I don't know how to do it.  

On CraftGawker, I have came across quite a few things that I like and when I clicked on the pic it took me to the blog that showed me exactly how to do what I was looking at.

Must admit, I am impressed with all the things that it shows on the site and how to make them, all things crafty, altered art, recycling, upcycling, making clay roses, making ribbon roses etc.  I think you will have got what I mean by now, it was showing allsorts on the site.  So I think this will be a site that I will be visiting regularly.  

So why not go and have a look yourself and see what you think, unless you have already discovered this site.  


Suze said...

Thanks for the link Jen. Have had a bit of a look but I think there is heaps more there to go back and look at. Some great ideas there.

Wendy L said...

Just had a quick gander at this site, looks good and will take more time later to peruse, xxx