Monday, 12 August 2013

Quick and easy Christmas cards

Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you are all having a wonderful day whatever you are up to.  My day so far has been making quick and easy Christmas cards.  I have only made five of them, this was due to what was in one of the magazines that I subscribe to.  (The last one - Grey Bear -  was made with my own stash as you don't get mirri card with your freebies in a magazine.)  You generally get a small amount of paper and decoupage or something else, so today it was decoupage.  I really haven't done much decoupage recently, so I thought, well why not. 

So without further ado, here they are.

(I need to sort out my pictures as the colours are looking rather dull)

So there you have my quick and easy Christmas cards.  They didn't take me long to do, each of them had some glitter sprinkled over them and they had sticky silver rope put round each of the circles.  Their little sentiments were part of the freebies that were given with the magazine.

I have just had a conversation with my son with regards to the Christmas cards that I make for selling.  He has always been very vocal when it comes to what I do with cards and how much time and effort I put into making them.  He is of the opinion that what I should be doing is small cards like these ones, put into packs and sold (as I do), rather than spending too much on each individual card.
When people are wanting special cards, I can go with this separately and charge accordingly.
Having taken on board what my son is saying to me, I think that he is right with this, as I do take too much time and put in a lot of effort.  Even when I am doing small cards, I should try to do quick cards and get a conveyor belt going, rather than stressing myself out.

So I think for this year, I am going to listen to my son (don't tell him that though lol), and make up some packs of cards that I can sell, rather than doing individual cards for selling.

So let me know what you think and whether or not this is the right way forward with my cards.  Your opinions and thoughts really mean a lot to me and I appreciate every single one of your comments.

I was looking through what cards that I have, and I came across my very first Christmas card that I ever made.  It is very simple, quick and easy and it shows me how far I have come in my cardmaking.  I have many cards that I don't think I would ever show, but who knows maybe one day I will show them.  Anyway, here is my first Christmas card ever to be made.

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