Wednesday, 14 August 2013

1st day at School

Yesterday all the local children started back school and all the new starts, Primary 1 schoolchildren also started as well.  There were all these tiny children running trying to keep up with their parents and it brought back all the memories of my son starting school.

When Christopher (who is now 24) started school, my mum, dad and I all took him off to his first day.  He was so excited about starting school and he looked just like a little man with his shirt and tie on.  Once I dropped him off, a little tear was shed (I think a bit of dust must have got into my eyes!) and my family and I walked back home.  On my way home, I stopped in the middle of the street and said to my mum, I've forgotten something or lost something.  She asked me what it was and I said, "My son", he is always with me. lol

Everywhere I went he came too, but no more, this was his new adventure and journey and already I was missing him.

Sorry about that, memory over. lol

Anyway, back to my little neighbour, Kayden who stays beside me.  He knocked my door yesterday, just so that I could see him with his uniform on.  I said to him that 'he was too wee to be going to school' and he said back to me, 'I am not wee Jennifer, I am a big boy'.  

Once we had went outside to take the photographs of him, he told me that he had got his mum to 'wax' his hair and asked, 'Do you like my Lynx deodorant'. lol  
After all the questions were asked and answered, off he went with his mum to start school.  The children were only in from 10am until 12noon, just to give them a little taster of what things would be like.

Here is a picture of Kayden and his mum, Cherrelle.

I do hope that you like my picture of Cherrelle and Kayden, he just looks so happy going to school.  Long may that continue.


Granmargaret said...

Lovely photo Jen

Unknown said...

What a "Big (little) Boy" gorgeous photo, one to treasure because they grow up so fast.

Wilma x x x