Friday, 16 August 2013

Wooden man

My dad was a shopfitter/joiner when he was working, now he has retired he gets very bored very quickly.
So he disappears up into my parents loft in the house and makes things.  He has always been a very crafty man, his drawings are brilliant and what he makes I just love.  He is 74 now and he still can't stand still, unless of course he is sleeping. lol

So, it was time for him to disappear, which he did for over a week.  He made my mum a wooden man for her garden and he also made me one.  My mum brought it up to my house last night and I just fell in love with this little wooden man who is now sitting proudly on my decking.

My mum has already named her little man, calling him Wilbur.  I have still to come up with a name for mine, so if anyone has any ideas or good names I would love to hear them.

I am so happy with my wooden man, he really cheers up my decking.


John Lockwood said...

Have just caught up with your blog for this week jen everything is fantastic I love the Christmas cards! Your school memories reminded me of my first day at school where my mum hid behind the railings to watch that I was ok.

LOVE the wooden man I think he is a proper Charlie!

John xxx

ursula Uphof said...

What a clever and handy father to have. Your wooden man, is great for the garden. Hugs, Ursula

Crafting With Jack said...

What a great wooden man, I would call him Stanley!