Saturday, 7 September 2013

My sock monkey

I thought as Creative Bug on the Loose were having a Mega Monkey Mania theme with their freebies and new images of sock monkeys that I would take a picture of one of my sock monkeys,  he was used on an advert for Tea bags.  So he really is a celebrity monkey. He has pride of place at the end of my bed along with a couple of other monkey friends.

Why not pop on over and have a look at Naomi's shop full of images, as I am sure that there will be something that will take your fancy.

'Legs a-dangling'

Hmm, it's Saturday, what could I do today??

Here he is 'posing' for the camera!!


Crafting With Jack said...

He looks a bit mischievous to me! I hope he doesn't start monkeying around!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenn he is fantastic I just love that Add and to think it is your monkey is fantastic,I now know a famous person.