Monday, 16 September 2013

My Mum and Dad

It is my Mum and Dad's Wedding Anniversary in October and I came across one of their only wedding pictures which I think is gorgeous.  When they got married, they didn't have a great deal of money to have wedding pictures taken, but someone that my Dad knew told him that he would take their wedding pictures for them as a wedding present.  Pictures were taken, but the man disappeared and this was the only picture that they were ever given, every other one that they managed to get was fuzzy and/or out of focus.  So this picture is their pride and joy.
I am wanting to make a card incorporating their wedding photograph, at the moment I don't know the best way to actually 'show off' this card.


Rosy Newlun said...

That is a very precious photo Jen. Have you ever tried googling their names + wedding pictures and see if they pop up? Maybe the many posted them online if he lost track of your parents. I don't know, but it's an idea.

I get a lot of good ideas from Pinterest. Saw one recently which uses an embossing folder border around the card, an oval die cut aperture, and the photo placed on the inside, facing through the aperture. All of it was white and stunning. I'm sure you will find inspiration!

NanaConnie said...

Wonderful photo, Jen, and lovely couple! I've seen your work and just know that you'll come up with something fantastic. :-D