Saturday, 20 April 2013


Good morning everyone, I just thought that I would tell you all, in case you thought that I was MIA (again), I am going into hospital on Monday until Friday. It isn't for anything serious, it is just the Homeopathic Hospital that I go into, normally ever 3 - 6 months. They try out a therapy called 'Neural Therapy' on me, I must admit though it hasn't done anything for me, apart from causing extreme pain. lol They inject me with 16 injections into my head, 4 injections into each of my ankles, this is supposed to try to help with my balance. The first time they tried it out on me, I was given 6 weeks where I could walk without my crutches, although it didn't do anything for the pain. The second time it did absolutely nothing at all. So, this will be my third and last time of getting it done, and if it doesn't work I won't get it again. I must admit, I wouldn't mind not getting it done again, as only getting 6 weeks without crutches doesn't seem worth it............. or maybe it does! So I will let you all know how it goes when I come out of hospital and tell you whether or not it worked this time. I am going to try and put in a couple of other posts before I go into hospital, but before that, I really need to sort out my stash which has totally overtaken my living room, there is no room for anyone to have a seat. So it is just as well really, that I never have any visitors. lol Speak to you all soon, and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining wherever you are. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

I am not sure how recently you posted that you are going to the homeopathic hospital again, but I certainly hope the neural therapy works for you this time.

I think of you always and really appreciate your friendship and sistership (if that is a word).

Love, Anne

Rosy Newlun said...

Dear Jen,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care and may benefits come from this treatment <3
Please keep in touch!!!
Love, Rosy