Sunday, 14 April 2013

Baby Boy 3D Keepsake

Hi everyone I was asked by someone to create a Baby Boy 3D Keepsake, this was a very nice project to do from start to finish.

 I cut out all the pieces of the template and started by putting the bottom of the box together, and then the two struts in the centre which became 4 struts to split the box into four. I stuck silver strips to the outside of the struts and I then added the outside edges with the prams round all four sides. The prams had Glamour Dust sprinkled all round the prams and the wheels. There were 4 crystals put round each of the pram sides. I cut out another 2 prams to put inside the four struts, I cut out babies to create other images. These were all covered with Glamour Dust. The inside baby was cut out and put at the top of the struts and hung with invisible thread. I attached 2 silver charms, one a silver cross pram, the other a baby cardigan.

There were crystals attached to the top of the struts and bows, there was some decoupage attached nearer the bottom of the card. I then created the box, it was made with cardboard and acetate and finished the whole project off nicely.


Anonymous said...

Jen~Fabulous work of art. I see that you are friends with many of my friends & I am now following your site. I would love it if you would follow mine too.


Unknown said...

Wow this is absolutely awesome! Fantastic piece of work. Love it so much!
Visiting from Cuddlebug Cuties - Sunday Linky Party

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,
This keepsake is absolutely amazing. So detailed and delicate. I love it.
I'm visiting from Cuddlebug Cuties Sunday Linky Party, and I'm your newest follower.
Hope to see you at my blog soon.

Rosy Newlun said...

Oh my word Jennifer! This is incredible!!! I'm so very happy that you've made such a beauty! I hope you enter it into all kinds of creative magazines and challenges :*