Friday, 15 November 2013

I'm a winner

Surprise post this morning from Practical Publishing. I won 4 packets of blank shaped cards, so I hope that this will help 'kick-start' my missing mojo.  It has still not returned and has been away for quite a while now.
No real excuse, but I haven't been feeling too well of late, although I have put on my usual 'mask' to everyone, saying that I am fine.  I am hoping for usual service to return as soon as I am able to.

I am still trying to make cards, although what I used to produce is not coming through in the cards, so the majority of them have only been fit for the bin.
I keep hoping that I will get a surprise and one day, I will just pick up and start making my cards again, maybe soon, or who knows I may produce one today with one of my new cards that I received through the post.

I have taken a couple of pics of the cards that I have won.  So fingers crossed that I will get my 'mojo' back - sooner rather than later.  It just had to be at Christmas that I have lost everything.

Please don't leave me, but keep coming back and visiting as you never know when there will be a card from me.

I had kept looking at these cards and was always going to buy them, but never quite got round to it, so at least I don't need to buy them now.  
I just need to try and make some cards from them.


shaz said...

Sending you much love and wishes for your mojo to return....Pronto !!!

Take care

Shaz xxx

Wendy L said...

These cards look great. Hope you get back to norm soon, xxx

Rosy Newlun said...

Aloha friend,
Please take good care. I love you. When you're feeling better, you will definitely do amazing things with these card bases - they're so pretty already! Hugs from me ♥

Unknown said...

Maybe these will help your Mojo return, there is nothing worse than sitting wanting to do something but the juices dry up. Sending you warm hugs and hope you get back posting your wonderful creations.

Wilma x x x

CraftingMum said...

Lovely prize, hope your start to feel more up to it soon!
Take care x