Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hi everyone

Good morning everyone, I just thought I would write you all a little note to thank everyone for keeping coming to visit my blog.  I couldn't thank everyone enough for their support over the past few weeks, especially my followers who have been there for me for a long time and my newest followers.  

Thank you so much for all your visits, I know that I haven't been about for quite a while now and for that I am extremely sorry.  
Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling too well and my crafting 'mojo' has totally left me at the moment.  This is due to the things that are happening in my life at the moment and I can't concentrate or do anything 'crafty'.  I know that I will eventually get back to crafting, but at the moment things are sitting on the back burner.

So I genuinely thank every single one of you for supporting me and still coming to visit me.  I will post the odd thing, it may be from other sites like free crafting sites etc, just so that you know that I haven't completely left you all.

The giveaway will still be going ahead, and this is really important to me, especially at a time when I haven't been about.  I just really want to thank everyone for all that you do to support me and my little giveaway is my way to thank you.


Suze said...

Nice to hear from you Jen. Look after yourself. Hugs, Suze

Wendy L said...

Dont worry about it. You will get there. Hugs xxxxx

Unknown said...

We are all with you, chin up, you will get there.

Wilma x x x