Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas cards

Hi everyone, it is only me again.  I just thought I would post a few Christmas cards that I have actually made over the past few weeks.  These are definately not the best cards that I have ever made and it shows how my 'mojo' has gone and left me.  I thought I would post them anyway, so that I can always look back and see how the cards worked out even after everything had left me. lol
These are definately NOT my best works of art, but I still had to show them.  Hopefully, the old 'mojo' will return sooner rather than later.

So here we go:

As I have said, these are definately not my best, but this is the last lot of cards that I am going to be making this year.  Sorry but the layout of the cards did not work out the way that I wanted them to, I think everything is going 'wonky' for me. lolI am going to have a much needed rest from making cards and I have a few tests that have to be carried out by the GP, so until all results are back and I know that I am not losing the plot, I will leave trying to make cards for the time being.  Please don't leave me, but keep coming back - you never know when I will post something different.
I hope that you are all managing to get your Christmas cards completed for this year and are looking forward to all that you have planned for this Christmas.
All my love to everyone



Unknown said...

Hi Jen you are so critical of your work. The cards are lovely and your Mojo will return if it has not already. Have a break and come back all guns firing, we will miss you. Hope you get your medical problems get resolved and get back to your usual wonderful self.

Big hugs

Wilma x x x

Wendy L said...

A lovely set of cards, love the white on white with red ribbon, you are too critical of your own work Jen. Hope all goes well for you with the test. xxxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Jen,
Step back and look at your cards once again ........ they are all beautiful.
I love the simplicity of them all. I might just have to use your idea of the triangle Christmas Trees and pretty ribbon.
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia xx

Unknown said...

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful and lovely comments. They really all mean the world to me and give me the strength to keep trying to carry on as best as I can. You are all wonderful blogging buddies and I couldn't ask for any better. I hope that you all get to see this message, although I know that you don't always come back to have a look at other messages, but I am hoping that you do see this message as you all mean the world to me. Thank you so much. Hugs, Jen xxx

KraftyAl said...

Much too hard on yourself Jen. These cards are beautiful. We all have moments where the finished card never looks like what was in your head to start with. Some of my best cards have never turned out with the original idea! I think maybe there is just too much going on in your life at the moment. Enjoy the break and I am sure you will come back after Christmas with loads of new images. Take Care and have a lovely Christmas. Alx