Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Blog

Hi everyone I hope that you all like my new design on my blog, this was done for me by an extremely patient lady - Naomi Edwards who has her own blog Creative Bug on the Loose. She was kind enough to help me out by fixing my blog and giving it a whole new makeover. I am so pleased with the finished result and will be posting to it very soon. I have quite a few cards and 3D creations to make and I am on a timescale, but I am hoping to get posting tomorrow with my newest creations which I made whilst at my craft class. Although Naomi has fixed me up with a fashionable blog, I am still learning all the bits and pieces about linking to other blogs etc, so I am still a 'newbie' when it comes to all of that. I hope I won't be forever. lol Maybe you could let me know how you like my new design. Thank you for popping by. Happy crafting


Rosy Newlun said...

Oh, I love your new 'makeover' Jennifer! How sweet your friend Naomi is! I had to learn the extra hard way, but I'm ok with my so-so blog :D Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jennifer for your sweet words, I am so delighted you are so happy with your new blog makeover. You were a delight to work with ... I am going to find you a video tutorial on how to link to other blogs in your post... I will send it to you soon by email.
Sometimes when we read instructions there are words we don't understand which complicates the whole process so maybe a visual would help! Trust me it is not hard, you will see!!! I may even do a post on it seeing there are so many out there that doesn't know how to do it. (hope I can find a video tutorial!!!) lol Big hugs