Saturday, 23 February 2013


I am disappearing for a while, as I have just been asked to make 2 cards for my son's friend. He wants me to make Birthday Cards for his mum and his favourite aunt. They have both to be very special, he has given me an idea of what he is looking for, only hope that I can come up with what he is looking for. So for the time being, I am going away to craft for a while and maybe even get one of the cards finished today. He wants these cards for next Saturday, luckily for him I don't have any other cards waiting to be made so I can concentrate all my time on the ones that he wants. Then I really have to get my digi images coloured for the CDAC challenge (again). :-( Christopher had decided that he was going to help me out with some cleaning of the house as I haven't been keeping too well of late. So anyway, he decided that he was going to start in the living room, which he did and he made a lovely job of the cleaning. Although, horror of horrors, he put the digi images that I had just about finishing colouring in into the bin as he thought they were rubbish!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! As I am really only a newbie when it comes to colouring in, it had taken me quite a while to colour in the three images that I had, so now I need to do them all from the beginning, but I need to do the cards for his friend first. I could gladly "kill" my son (haha), but I won't as he did make a good job of the cleaning, so I will let him off for the time being. Goodbye for now and I hope to see you here soon. Jen xx

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