Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Good morning everyone, today is going to be a day spent with my Promarkers after I have made a box envelope for an engagement card and I also need to finish my card which I am entering into the competition at my local craft shop. I have a few images to colour in which I hope to enter into challenges if I can get round to it. I never seem to get things right when I am entering into challenges, as I forget what challenges I have entered into. Maybe if someone could give me some tips on the best way to keep track of challenges that I am entering, that would be a great help to me. I am also going to get my ebosser today and I can't wait. I will be embossing and die-cutting like something demented once I get this. I'm so excited. Well I will sign off for now and will come back later on today. Have a great day - crafting or whatever else you may be doing. Jen xx

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Rosy Newlun said...

Hi, Jenn - I have 2 ways I keep track of challenges:

First way - keep a notebook. On each page I draw a half month simple calendar (2 weeks) with big boxes for each day of the week. In each box I write down which challenge is at which blog site, what the prize is and whether or not I enter. I keep it very simple, abbreviate wherever possible. I simply put a star next to each challenge I enter.

2nd way - Each time I upload a photo of a card I entered into a challenge, I put the name of the challenge above my photo. Instead of just saying the name of the challenge, I insert the actual link of the blog site where the challenge is posted. That way, I just click on the names of the challenges which automatically takes me to the website I entered, and I can see who won :D A lot of challenges want us to do that anyway so that when visitors see our cards, they click on the challenge and go directly to the challenge page.

Hope that helps. Also hope your mommy is doing well! Aloha, rosy