Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hi to everyone

Hi to all my blogging buddies, I do hope that you are all still coming about to visit me.  I know that I have not been keeping up my end of the bargain by keeping posting new cards and keepsakes to my blog to keep you interested and keep you coming back.  Unfortunately, my 'Mr Mojo' has still left me, although I am making inroads into helping it come back to me.
I have been bringing things out to try and help me get to grips with things again and start making cards again.  However, I have lost one of my most important boxes of dies, it has been put away somewhere 'safe' and I cannot find it anywhere, so I will keep looking for it until it shows up.  It has a lot of dies inside it, which would allow me to make some different sorts of cards, but until it shows up unfortunately, I am left in the lurch.
So, for the moment, I would like to show you some of my older cards again just to remind you of what I am capable of and what I can do and what I will be doing again soon, once I get everything sorted again.  I don't think that I had shown any of the cards that are on show on the blog at the moment as they were left in my 'box', so hopefully you haven't seen these before.

I do hope that you have stayed with me and have not totally left me, however, I wouldn't blame you if you had, but I hope to be able to bring to back when I start to make some new cards in the very near future.

Thank you for still staying with me as long as you have, as it has been much appreciated.

Love and Hugs

As you can see, this is a Wedding card that was made and round the oval there were gems to make it sparkle and a lovely white sparkly bow at the top of the oval.  It looked much nicer in real life than it does in the picture.

The whole card was completed with each part having a piece of decoupage as part of the finish and I put a little sparkly gem on the boot at the bottom with a swirly piece of ribbon at the top of the card.

I used pyramage in this card and part of the card had little footballs, mice, teddies although you can't actually see them properly in the card they stick out from the card.  At the top of the card, I used a teddy bear peg and put a piece of blue swirly blue ribbon with a Baby Boy tag at the top.

This card was made with acetate being the main part of the card and then the card that was attached was embossed and sanded to make it look like a wall.  The window was cut out with a die and the top of the window was gilded with gold, I used flourishes on the bottom left hand corner of the card to make it look like flowers growing from the bottom.  To finish off, I put a sentiment "May your day be filled with sunshine and laughter".

I hope that you like my little montage of cards that I have shown until I can get ready some brand new ones to put up.  Thank you again so much for following me, I couldn't ask for a
 lovier, nicer lot of friends.


Patricia said...

Good afternoon Jennifer, I keep popping in to see if your mojo has arrived back from his time away. Don't worry I am sure the Mojos are having a great time, goodness knows where they have all gone..........they will soon want to get back to us
Love your cards, the first pink one is my favourite.
((((((Hugs)))))) to help


Diane said...

Stunning card designs Jennifer.

Hugs Diane

Wendy L said...

I,m sure mojo will return soon. Lovely set of cards Jen. xxx

Unknown said...

Come on girl, you need to get posting again. Your cards are delightful, love them all but if I was pushed to choose the wedding card is my favourite.

Take care my lovely, big hugs.

Wilma x x x

Christina Griffiths said...

Just relax while MoJo is on holiday as I am sure you will be really busy once he gets back xx