Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wedding Anniversary box

I just have a little update to tell you about, I have made a Special Card Box for the Wedding Anniversary card that I made, the yellow card. I felt that as it wouldn't have fitted into an ordinary sized envelope then it had to have something a bit more special to go inside. You will be able to see the envelope in the post dated Friday 17th May 2013 which you can find by clicking HERE, I had been going to put it into a separate post, but felt that it should be in beside the card where it should be. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend if you had a holiday then it would have been a holiday weekend so a bit longer for those of you who were working as well. Hopefully your weather was nice and you were able to top up your tan. Unfortunately, for us here in Renfrew we weren't as lucky to have sunshine and smiles. I say that as I have noticed that when the sun comes out, everyone smiles, but when it is raining people are glum and don't look up. Human nature I suppose, it is just something that I have noticed over the years, have you noticed this?


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